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Other Projects

PR8 is our mobile app for game community communication. PR8 plugs mobile text chat directly into the on-site community's chat in addition to providing voice chat. PR8 allows gamers to have a voice chat for their gaming community completely free of charge and to keep up to date on community events via notifications.

Utilizing our secure DataQuest platform, marketers, developers, retailers and analysts can gain comprehensive knowledge on the gamer community. Our actionable intelligence informs strategies to address content marketing, behavioral study and relevant trends. Because more than half of all gamers in America are Millennials, DataQuest also offers a unique insight on that segment.


Engaged communities love to talk, and forums are often the place they choose to do it. SigLaunch lets forum users easily create a functional, custom forum signature for their posts. We built SigLaunch.com to provide forum signatures initially to World of Warcraft players. We thought this would be a small side project but users jumped on it and it blew up almost instantly. At peak SigLaunch.com was serving as many as 50 signature images a second. We scaled our infrastructure quickly, dealt with DDOS detection on the WoW API and implemented on the fly performance optimization quickly and efficiently.

  • Battle.net API, EQ2 API & Other APIs
  • PHP, MySQL and very heavy CDN usage.


Everyone has favorites on Twitter, and at one time it took three clicks to delete them. We built Unfavinator.com in a weekend to help people delete twitter favorites easily. Since then, a Twitter redesign has improved favorite deletion. Even so, the site is still well used and continues to be mentioned in places like Lifehacker and Quora.

  • Twitter API


We used our PR8 backend to build LeanCall.io a free conference calling system that we call "Zero Complexity". LeanCall.io is geared towards lean businesses, startups and small teams but robust enough to support as many as 500 people in a call.

  • Laravel