Freelance Writers

GameSkinny is currently looking for fresh talent to join our freelance team with the sole purpose of creating traffic-driving content.

Candidates must be able to:

  • Research current trends and keywords
  • Write quality gaming content of all types based on research and needs of the community.
  • Bring in new audiences through self-promotion and content marketing. We offer additional bonuses for content that hits it out of the park.
  • Pitch a minimum number ideas per week/month

We are looking for Guide Writers in all genres and we are looking for people with unique ideas and solid industry connections.

Candidates who do not meet the specific qualifications or follow the directions listed here should not apply.

You are the right person if you are:

Experienced – This isn’t your first online publication; you’ve written about gaming before. You either have your own blog or have contributed to an outlet. You know how to communicate with an editor, gracefully incorporate feedback, and understand how to write with formatting and SEO keywords in mind.

Independent and Motivated – GameSkinny prizes writers who bring savvy research and Google Trends know-how to the table. You know that editors can help guide you, but you are comfortable pitching and delivering your own researched topics.

Knowledgeable – Your primary focus is gaming. You do what you write and you know the ins and outs.

Professional – You don’t just meet deadlines, you hunt them down. You know how to communicate in a timely and professional manner and know how to keep your cool in the comment section. You see your extremely rare mistakes as nothing more than opportunities to learn from so you can further improve your skills.

How to Apply/Pitch

Send an email - subject line "Freelance Writer" - with your credentials attached, to: WriteforUs[at]


  • Links to other published work. This could include samples of game guides, reviews or any gaming related content.
  • Please include 3-4 example headlines you think would be successful on GameSkinny (strictly for vetting purposes).
  • Include your per article rate based on an 600-1200 word article.
  • What games you are currently playing.

GameSkinny is a part of Launch Media Network and has been live since 2012.

Job Type: Contract

Required experience: One year's worth of freelance writing experience.